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Astro A-5 Transmissions

Note that the Astro Gears are on permanent backorder with no expected delivery date at this time.

The Astro A-5 T5 is a World Class T5 that has been remanufactured using the custom gears designed by Astro Transmission Parts in Tavares, FL.  These gears are MASSIVE when compared to the original gears used in a T5.  The A-5 is suitable for street use as well as in a racing environment.  Their helical-cut, and polished gears are made in USA, and are smoother, quieter, and stronger than other custom T5 gear sets on the market.

The Astro A-5 T-5 gear set includes all new, custom gears except for fifth and reverse which remain stock.

Gear sets are available for any Small Block Ford application (289, 302, 351) including the 94/95 Mustangs that require the longer input shaft, as well as the 3.8 V6 applications.

The Astro A-5 is no longer available for Small Block Chevy applications such as the 88-92 Camaro and Firebird.

With a custom input shaft, the A-5 can be adapted to various GM V6 applications using a stock T5 bell housing! - Pricing and availability varies on these custom shafts.

The basic A-5 is rated at 485 ft/lbs of torque and 550 hp.
The upgraded A-5 is rated at 575 ft/lbs and 650 hp.

The A-5 is a drop-in replacement for a T5 with the exception that it
requires a 26-spline clutch disc.

The gear ratios are 2.95, 1.95, 1.36, 1.00 and the fifth gear is 0.64
An optional high-economy highway fifth gear is 0.60 and a custom
road-race close-ratio fifth gear ratio of 0.80 is also available as an upgrade.

Many will say that the T5 case cannot hold up to this kind of power.  This is simply not true.
T5s using the billet countergear support plate have proven to hold up even in an all-out racing environment!

We offer the following Astro A5 transmissions:

Pro-Force built - Astro A-5 T5 - 485 ft/lbs - 550 hp - $2,595.00 plus your rebuildable T5 core exchage.
Note that the Astro gears are on backorder with no expected delivery date at this time.
These are available with either the FOX input shaft, or the SN95 length shaft.
GM versions are available at a slightly higher price.
All of our A-5s include the billet countergear support plate and all new Timken brand bearings.
Fifth gear will be 0.64 unless otherwise specified.

Upgrades to the A-5:
- Billet synchro keys for third and fourth gear - Included in a Pro-Force built A-5!
- Billet counter gear support plate - Included in a Pro-Force built A-5!
- 575 ft/lb - 650 hp upgrade using the 9310 Alloy Mainshaft - add $450.00
- Close-Ratio custom 0.80 fifth gear - add 350.00