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We offer the following upgraded T-45 transmissions:

Note that we do not build ORIGINAL PRODUCTION STYLE T-45 transmissions because they are just too unreliable to
put our name on.  Our Pro-Force T-45 transmissions are upgraded with our custom parts for greater reliability to be simply
the best T-45 transmissions around. 

Our T-45 transmission builds are all available in the 1996-1998 GT or COBRA versions as well as the 1999-2001 versions. 
An exchange is required on all T-45 transmissions, or a core charge will apply.

The "Single Disconnect Reverse" modification is NOW INCLUDED in ALL Pro-Force T-45 builds.
This replaces the troublesome "Double" 5-R fork with a custom billet "Single" fork to make reverse and fifth more reliable. 
As a result, the reverse idler gear in the extension housing will be spinning any time the output shaft is turning.
This is typical of most manual transmissions today and eliminates the awkward double-fork that causes jams and other problems. 

Pro-Force HD T-45  - Original torque rating of 325 ft/lbs - $1,775.00
This is the base replacement unit with the following Pro-Force upgraded features for much greater reliability than stock:
- Carbon-Fiber Synchro Rings
- High-Alloy Billet Bronze Fork Pads for the 1-2 and 3-4 forks
- Custom Billet 1-2 and 3-4 Forks With Billet Shift Plates to prevent breakage
- Solid Keys in the 1-2, 3-4, and 5-R synchro hubs to prevent jams
- The famous Pro-Force "Single-Disconnect" reverse Fork and associated modifications 
- One-Piece design release bearing sleeve to prevent breakage

Pro-Force HD Plus T-45  - 370 ft/lbs - $1,875.00
This has all of the features of the Pro-Force HD T-45 plus the following:
- Cryogen-Tempered Input Shaft for added torque capacity

Pro-Force PRO T-45  - $2,275.00
This has all of the features of the Pro-Force HD T45 plus the following:
- Custom, 26-spline Input Shaft for further-increased torque capacity
- Note that a 26-spline input shaft requires the use of a High Performance style 26-spline clutch disc.

Pro-Force PRO-C T-45  - $2,675.00
This has all of the features of the Pro-Force PRO T-45 plus the following:
- Gears 1, 2, 3 and the counter gear have been Cryogen-Tempered for the highest torque capacity available in a T-45

Pro-Force PRO-CR T-45  - $3,075.00
This has all of the features of the Pro-Force PRO-C T-45 plus the following:
- Gears 1, 2, 3, Input gear, and the counter gear have been REM Polished for lower friction for that Racer's Edge.