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T-45 Transmissions - The T45 Source!

Pro-Force Performance is proud to continue the tradition of providing custom-built T-45 transmissions as well as custom parts for the T-45 that were formerly available from TheT45 Source.  Yes, Pro-Force acquired "The T45 Source" in the spring of 2016.

Which Mustangs used the T-45?
There are 3 versions of the T-45 used in Ford Mustangs:

1996-1998 Mustang 4.6 GT
1996-1998 Mustang 4.6 COBRA
1999-2001 Mustang 4.6 GT & COBRA

The T-45 is a smooth shifting transmission even at high RPM, however, Pro-Force rebuilt T-45s have the upgraded carbon-fiber synchro rings like those used in the T-56, custom solid keys in the synchro hubs and the billet bronze shift fork pads.  Also included are billet shift forks and the famous "Single Disconnect" reverse modification.

Parts are increasingly difficult to obtain for the T-45.  Ford has discontinued all parts for these transmissions.  For this reason many are converting from the T-45 to the stronger TR3650.  Interchange information is posted below.

Pro-Force offers "Built" T-45's with custom parts that resolve the various "issues" that have been inherent to this transmission over the years.  Available enhancements include: 26 spline input shaft, Cryogen Tempered gears and forks, a redesigned single-disconnect reverse gear, and billet shift forks to name a few..   The Pro-Force T-45 is the transmission that Borg Warner MEANT it to be but missed the mark! 

All of our T-45 transmissions are available in 1996-1998 GT or COBRA versions as well as the 1999-2001 versions.
 - please specify the application 
 - An exchange is required on all T-45 transmissions, or a core charge will apply.