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My name is Stan.  I started rebuilding T-5 transmissions in 2008 under the name of T5Atlanta.  I now specialize in all of the nuances of the T-5s.

In 2011 Pro-Force Performance was founded, and quality Mustang 5-speed transmissions are now available for ANY year Mustang through 2010.  

Now in 2016, thanks to you, Pro-Force has become a recognized innovator in upgrading our beloved Mustang transmissions!  It seems lately that I've been building as many TR3650's as I have the original T-5.  Many customers are out of state and require shipping - NO PROBLEM!  ...and yes, I do the 6-speed transmissions too!  Oh, yes!  In the spring of 2016 Pro-Force acquired "The T45 Source" and is now your focal point for obtaining all the custom parts needed to make your T-45 reliable and enjoyable again! 

I have an engineering degree in electronics and am semi-retired from the IT industry.  I have worked on cars as a hobby for most of my life.  Now that I am pretty much retired, why not do what I enjoy?  There is a huge need for quality, rebuilt manual transmissions.  Not only here in Atlanta, but all over.  I specialize in the Borg Warner and Tremec manual transmissions.  These are mostly used in Mustangs and Camaros.  Products of specialty include the T-5, T-45, T-56, TR3550, TKO and the TR3650.  

The first manual transmission that I rebuilt was a Borg Warner 3-speed with overdrive that was in my 1955 Packard.  That was around 1970. 

I got into the T-5 when my son and I decided we wanted to put a T-5 in our 1965 Mustang.  We decided we wanted a Z-Spec transmission, and when I set out to find it, I realized that if that was what we wanted, I would just have to build one from spare parts.

In doing my research, I realized there was a lot of junk out there for sale.  Well-meaning individuals were passing off completely worn out transmissions as "only needs synchronizers" just because they still functioned. 

There is definitely a need for quality rebuilt T-5s not only in the Metro Atlanta area, but all over.  There are also many misconceptions and a lot of confusion about the T-5.  I have documented many details about the T-5 in an attempt to settle many "Internet Myths."  Please read my T-5 History page and visit my Vendor Forum on the Southeastern Foxbodies website.  

Many people offer "rebuilt" T-5s, but what they often do is to open a bad transmission, fix the one thing that makes it inoperable, and call it rebuilt.  These usually work for a short time until the next weakest part goes bad. 

With all of this in mind, I realized that the mid 80s to mid 90s Mustangs that use these T-5s were getting old.  The used units for these cars are all pretty much worn out.  People are keeping their Mustangs and enjoying them, but they need fresh transmissions.  Many are now converting their favorite Mustang from an automatic to a T-5, and others are wanting to upgrade their Classic Mustang to the smooth-shifting five speed T-5. 

I completely tear down my transmissions, power-wash the cases, and inspect every piece.  Only parts that are as good as new are allowed back into my units.  The rest are new parts.  I use genuine Tremec parts as much as possible, but because these units are considered old now, some of the parts are available only as aftermarket replacements, if at all.  I use the top-quality Master Rebuild kits that include parts that are generally not found in the standard kits that are readily available on-line.

Please visit my  "History" and "Identification" pages under the "T-5" section  -  I have lots to share! 


My first Mustang was a 1966 fastback that I bought in 1967.  


My second Mustang technically belongs to my son. It is a Father-Son project 1964 & 1/2  with a 5.0 Mass Air type Electronic Fuel Injection system.  I did say I have an engineering degree in electronics, didn't I?    This car is now sporting an Astro A-5!