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Which Mustangs came with the TR3650?
2001-2004 Mustang 4.6 GT  (The TR3650 appeared mid-year 2001.  Earlier models used the T-45)
2001-2002 Mustang 4.6 COBRA  (The 2003 & 2004 COBRA use the T-56 6-speed)
2005-2010 Mustang 4.6 GT   (These have a different input shaft, output shaft and  use a hydraulic clutch)

Most all TR3650s have the 0.68 fifth gear, but some came with the 0.62 fifth gear.
Generally speaking, the 2001 units have the 0.68, the 2002-2004 units have the 0.62, and the 2005-2010 units have the 0.68 again.  An optional 0.81 ratio fifth gear can be installed in our TR3650s at an extra charge.  The Tremec 0.74 ratio fifth gear has longbeen discontinued as a part. 

The 01-03 TR3650s have an inherent weakness in the design of the second gear synchronizer.  
The symptom involves poor shifting into second when the transmission is cold.  
This scraping will eventually cause the second gear to wear prematurely resulting in the need for a rebuild.  

Many early TR3650s have failed with the loss of gears three and four, or had synchronizer 
problems in those gears.  We address these problems with new synchro rings, double-hardened fork pins, and the bronze fork pads.  

ALL of our TR3650s include the updated 1-2 synchro hub assembly, updates second gear, and a stronger 1-2 shift fork to fix these problems.  The plastic shift fork pads on gears 1-4 do not hold up, so we use high alloy bronze pads (not brass) for added durability.  

We offer the following Pro-Force upgraded TR3650s:
These are all available in 2001-2004 versions as well as 2005-2010 versions - please specify. 
An exchange is required on all TR3650 transmissions, or a core charge will apply.

Pro-Force updated TR3650 - 360 ft/lbs - estimated 450 hp - $1,275.00
- This is the standard replacement unit with the improvements listed above.

Pro-Force HD Plus TR3650 - 400 ft/lbs - estimated 490 hp  $1,375.00
- This is the updated unit plus the original 10-spline input shaft has been cryogen tempered

Pro-Force Pro TR3650 - 550 ft/lbs - estimated 700 hp - $1,725.00
- This is the Heavy Duty unit plus it has a 26-spline input shaft.
- Note that a 26-spline input shaft requires the use of a High-Performance style 26-spline clutch disc.

Pro-Force Pro-C - 575 ft/lbs - estimated 725 hp - $1,975.00
- This is the Pro-Force Pro unit plus gears 1-3 have been cryogen tempered.
- Fourth gear is the 26-spline 9310 input shaft, which is already harder than cryogen tempered.  

Pro-Force Pro-CR - 575 ft/lbs - estimated 725 hp - $2,275.00
- This is the Pro-Force-C with REM polishing for gears 1-4 as well as the counter gear.
- REM polishing reduces friction and wear resulting in the "Edge" needed for racing

Pro-Force Pro-X - 700 ft/lbs - estimated 1000 hp - $3,325.00
- This is an "updated" TR3650 with a CUSTOM GEAR SET
- The ratios are: 2.90, 1.91, 1.37. 1.00 and fifth gear will be either 0.53 or 0.58
- Custom fifth gear ratios are: (0.63 discontinued) and 0.69
- The input shaft with this gear set has 26 splines and requires a 26 spline clutch
- Billet Bronze fork pads for gears 1-4
- Cryogen Tempered 3-4 Shift Fork
- "Gorilla" 1-2 Shift Fork

Pro-Force Pro-X Plus - 700 ft/lbs - estimated 1000 hp - $3,675.00
- This is the Pro-Force Pro-X with additional items:
- Custom Billet "Monster" forks for gears 1-2 and 3-4 instead of the "Cryo and Gorilla forks"

T-45s and 2001-2004 TR3650s use a different shifter base.

A 2001-2004 TR3650 is considered a direct replacement for a 1999-2001 T-45; however,
    there is a tab on the extension housing that usually needs to be ground off.
A 2001-2004 TR3650 can be used to replace a 1996-1998 T-45 with 
    the use of a speedometer converter such as the Speed-Cal from Dallas Mustang.
    Also, a custom, or modified cross member is needed such as the one from Stifflers. 

Conversely, a 1999-2001 T-45 can be used as a direct replacement for a 2001-2004 TR3650
Replacing a TR3650 with a 1996-1998 T-45 is not advised, as I do not 
know of an available speedometer converter for this configuration.