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These links are to helpful resource sites: 

Pro-Force Performance Web Forum  - We are an authorized vendor on the Southeastern Foxbodies website and forums.  The Pro-Force Forum is a great place to read the technical information we have placed there.  If you are a member you can post your own questions and receive advice from Pro-Force and others on the site. 

Astro Performance Warehouse  - We are an authorized distributor of Astro products! 
We might just have what you need on hand...

Modern Driveline - These guys have a lot of useful information including specifics
about converting a classic car to use a T5.  They also offer an excellent cable clutch conversion kit for the classic cars.

T5 Swaps for Early Fords - This article from Ford Muscle webmagazine is filled with details and useful information.  
It includes an excellent Ford WC T5 identification chart! 

British V8 ID Key to T-5 ID Tags - This chart is pretty comprehensive in covering all of the T-5s and not just those used by Ford.

TR3650 Service Manual - This PDF file is the 2001-2004 service manual that was published by Tremec but no longer appears 
on their website.  It was written before the 2001-2004 Service Bulletin was issued that lowers the fill level to 3/4 inch below the fill 
plug, or 3.2 quarts. This does not cover any specifics about the 2005-2019 TR3650.  The 2005-2010 TR3650 is also to be filled to 3.2 quarts.