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T-56 Parts
T-56 History

The T-56 Transmission Family:

Pro-Force will rebuild your T-56, TR6060, or Tremec Magnum Transmission.

If you are interested in a new Tremec Magnum or Magnum XL please see our "NEW Tremecs" page.

There are many variants of the T-56.  Some have parts ha are more expensive than others so we do not offer a set price.
We do not offer rebuilt units of these to sell outright, nor to exchange because the cores are not readily available, but we CAN REBUILD YOURS!

Our T-56 Transmissions
include the billet bronze fork pads for the 1-2 and 3-4 forks. Other updates include billet keys for the 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 synchro hubs. Cryogen treatment of the gears for added strength  and REM Polishing for lower friction are available,  We use genuine Tremec parts where possible.  Many of the early T-56 parts have been discontinued and are only available as aftermarket pieces..  

To order, or inquire please call or use the Contact/Order page to inquire,